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Skandia Background:

Established in 1855, Skandia is one of the world’s leading providers of quality long-term saving solutions.

Skandia has been credited with pioneering the concept of multimanager investments and is one of the world’s largest purchasers of asset management services.

Because of our global reach, investment manager relationships, local knowledge and the strength of the Skandia name, we can gain access to some of the world’s leading fund managers through dynamic investment and insurance products and services.

Skandia is a member of the Old Mutual Group. Old Mutual is active in 48 countries and manages assets over $461 billion (as at 31 December 2009).

Key Challenges

  • To automate the production of 100+ xml documents to supply data to the Skandia Global Funds factsheet and reporting website.
  • To automate the production of a number of data feeds and reports both for external and internal consumption.
  • Integration and automation of daily, weekly and monthly data from a range of sources including data vendors and client generated content.
  • Requirement for multi-lingual support in English, US English, Spanish and German.
  • Requirement for region specific data for Global, European, United States and Asia Pacific content.
  • Requirement for a broad range of currency specific performance and MPT statistics calculated from an external daily NAV feed.
  • Requirement to automatically produce Sector, Geographic, Credit Quality, Maturity and Currency breakdown data from a base Holdings data feed.

Chief Executive, Skandia Global Funds:

“The most satisfying aspect of our relationship with Factbook has been the professional attitude of the team and their focus on delivery in accordance with the criteria of Skandia.

This was noted particularly during our multi-phased implementation project, and it has also been evident in their support since then.

We are happy to continue to employ Factbook’s products and services within our business.”


Using a Factbook Factsheets™ production environment, in conjunction with Factbook Data Management™, Factbook Feeds™ and elements of Factbook Analytics™ solutions, a fully automated xml document production facility was deployed in a little under six weeks.

Through the use of ‘intelligent’ xml template technology it was possible to make the system responsive to both language and region requirements. The use of our analytics engine allowed performance and statistical calculations to be generated in a range of currencies and use client supplied composite benchmark data where required.

Our Factbook Feeds™ implementation automatically produces and distributes both daily and monthly data feeds for external consumption along with a range of monthly internal reporting requirements delivered as formatted Excel spreadsheets.


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